When beginning a wellness journey, we often hear a lot about tracking progress. This can be done in multiple ways including keeping track of your workout times, weight lifted, progress pictures, etc. No matter what your goals are, it is often met with the advice of tracking your progress as much as you can. But what’s the big deal? Does tracking progress really yield any results? In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss exactly why taking those few moments to track your progress can be incredibly beneficial.


Studies suggest that those who have an accountability partner that regularly checks in on their fitness progress are 95% more likely to reach their goals. Beginning and sticking to a wellness plan is not easy. It takes serious effort and planning.  By tracking progress and setting attainable goals, we are keeping ourselves accountable for the journey we have started. By setting benchmarks for ourselves and regularly checking in with those, we can track our progress and even change our goals as we start to notice trends.  


Seeing visible progress in data you record is a sure fire way to keep you motivated and on your personal health journey. Far too often after a few weeks of sticking to a plan do people begin to drop off. Life gets in the way, we get busy or it doesn’t seem like results are coming quickly enough. Whatever the reason, there are many results that are hard to see. For example you may not have noticed yourself, but if you measure your waist, you may have trimmed off an inch or two without even realizing it. By tracking your progress, you are able to see the small but consistent changes and that will keep you motivated.

Planning for the Future

You may have started too ambitious and need to adjust your goals slightly to the reality of what you are able to do. One the other hand, you may realize you are coming up on your “progress goals” quicker than anticipated and can therefore challenge yourself even more. Whatever your situation may be, tracking progress can help you adjust your plans to work better for you and your future.  Planning is not an exact science.  Additionally, it often takes multiple readjustments to find what works for us.  Tracking progress can help us track what is and isn’t working and plan better for the future. 

The Allwell.io app has several features built in to help you track progress.  Whether it be nutrition, weight, or workout frequency, utilizing the Allwell app for every facet of your health journey will help you track your progress and lead to a wellness journey with higher motivation, increased accountability, and future success.