Recently, the team has expanded its presence on various forms of social media. This blog will just focus on Twitter. There are obviously other forms of social media like LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. We’ll provide some suggested follows for each one in blogs to come. 

As someone that’s been very interactive with Allwell’s twitter account, I’ve found that the platform is definitely useful to someone that is looking to follow others that are living a healthy lifestyle, be it nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, etc. However – and there’s no way to camouflage this – there’s a lot of really bad, inaccurate information out there. That’s always going to be the case where users do not have to be verified in order to post their thoughts. 

So, in order to counteract this, I’ve put together a list of useful follows for those that are already on Twitter or are considering joining. Our account is allwell_io and we’d love for you to follow us! 

Here are some others to consider:

@LorenaSauts – Lorena is a believer in supporting a person’s wellness journey and showing them what they believe to be impossible is – in fact – very possible & real. Every day, she posts a side-by-side photo of someone before & after their journey, sometimes accompanied by a story. We often see this from companies trying to profit; Lorena does it simply to inspire!

@DrNadolsky – The verified account of Spencer Nadolsky – a self-described “family/obesity/lipid doctor” – is excellent in that it breaks down dietary issues in a manner easy to understand. Dr. Nadolsky tackles issues like metabolism, “calorie counting”, hormones, cholesterol & more. His tweets and articles contain great, practical tips.

@stregnthewa – I’ll quote directly from Ewa’s twitter bio: “Constantly learning, walking the walk without doing the talk. These are my…training ideas based on strength science”  Indeed, a very consistent approach, as well as a solid feed for information & inspiration.

@fitnesshacks101 – This company built up 167,000 Twitter followers by touching on a bit of everything: “Health & Fitness, Strength & Conditioning, Running, Triathlon, Body Building, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Wellness, Motivation.” When this can’t be tackled within the 160 characters of a tweet, they publish supporting articles. This is a follow we would recommend you take what you can use and ignore what doesn’t apply to your personal journey.

@bstulberg (Brad Stulberg) – Brad has an excellent perspective on mental health. What I’ve found impressive about Brad’s tweets is his ability to apply this to one’s total wellness journey. For example, this: “Follow the 48-hour rule. After a big achievement or a tough failure, give yourself 48 hours to celebrate success or grieve defeat, but then get back to work. Doing the work has a special way of putting both success and failure in their respective places. The work doesn’t change.”

@chrispronger  Chris was an NHL all-star who played 20 years in the league. He provides detailed insight on eating clean while traveling, sleep & recovery, money management, and other issues high-level athletes face! Rather than post articles, Chris is the master of the 15-20 tweet “thread” that goes in depth on all these topics. His 130,000 followers for an account started months ago is testament to his popularity!

– Johnny Premier, COO of Allwell