It’s no secret that at-home gym equipment is expensive.  And ever since the pandemic, this has become especially true. People are staying home due to the sharp increase in the cost of exercise equipment, in some cases up to quadruple the pricing seen before Covid.  However, as beneficial as body weight exercises are, it can be extremely helpful to incorporate weights as we progress further along in our fitness journey. But for many, a full rack of weights is entirely out of the question financially, and taking a trip to the gym doesn’t sound appealing.

For those stuck in this awkward in between, a fantastic option might be a medicine ball.  Medicine balls are a weighted ball specifically used for strength training. They tend to be about shoulder width and come in a variety of weights.  The best part, medicine balls tend to run much cheaper than buying an entire set of weights.

The AllWell app includes multiple exercises that include use of a medicine ball.  A personal favorite, if you’re looking for a full workout, is the PLYOGA Express V2: Let’s Have A Ball. Including a medicine ball in your workout give a several additional benefits including:

Building Strength

One of the greatest advantages of medicine ball training is that these exercises use a huge range of movement, which is effective for strengthening everything from the hamstrings to glutes to abdominal muscles. Through short, high-intensity movements, medicine ball training offers the ability to generate higher levels of explosive strength.

Medicine ball training does this by introducing a focus on acceleration as well as mass, whereas traditional weight training only focuses on increasing mass by lifting heavier weights.

Improved Balance & Posture

Good posture and spinal alignment depend on a strong core, and the majority of everyday and sports-related activities require core engagement and balance. The benefits of using a medicine ball extend into improving overall posture and balance thanks to the fact that medicine ball training is a great way to strengthen the core muscles.

Medicine ball exercises work the core muscles through a range of movements that impact balance, posture, and flexibility while also training intermuscular coordination.

Lower Risk

For beginners new to fitness who may struggle with coordination and balance, weighted exercises require technical skills that could pose a major safety risk to beginners. If workout novices don’t have a solid foundation of strength, there is an inherently higher chance of sustaining an injury. 

Medicine ball movements, however, are easy to learn and to perform, making them the perfect entry-level training style with much less risk of injury than other methods of strength training.

If you’re looking to move into weighted exercises, medicine balls are a great beginning point that offer similar benefits to traditional weights with the added bonus of giving you a safer, more beginner friendly experience.