We hear the word “community” constantly nowadays.  For groups/companies/etc., its become a buzzword of sorts. But with the overuse of the term, have we forgotten what being a part of community truly means? 

In the simplest of terms, a community is a group of people with something that they share in common.  This could mean anything from geographical location to faith to stage of life.  In other cases, it can indicate an overlap in interests, goals, or ambitions. 

Communities are important because they offer not only a place for social interaction, but also a sense of belonging for individuals. The absence of such social connections can have a profound effect on our overall physical and mental health.  Low social impact can manifest itself in multiple ways including mental health struggles and increased risk for chronic disease.

In addition to social connection, communities can offer a rich network of like-minded individuals working towards similar goals to your own.  In the case of Allwell.io, our community can give you a place to connect with individuals who are also on a wellness journey.

Whether you’re just starting out and need support starting your journey, or whether you need the motivation to keep yourself consistent, the community tab on the Allwell.io app is a perfect place to connect, socialize, and be inspired. Feel free to look through what others have to say, comment, like, or even make a post of your own! The community space is your place to find connections and be inspired on your wellness journey.

On the Allwell homepage, click the “Community” link. Whether you just want to look through what others have said for inspiration, or if you want to post yourself, any and all interaction is welcome in our community. The good, the bad & the ugly – it’s important to share your journey and what you’re going through.  Inevitably, there will be someone else out there who is going through a similar experience.  

We know your main focus is your workouts and mindfulness exercises.  However, using the Allwell app is so much more than just getting your wellness quota in for the day.  Utilizing the additional features like the Community tab can enrich your experience and help you stay motivated and consistent in your wellness journey.