One of our primary goals at Allwell is to help every subscriber reach what they consider to be the pinnacle of success. We like to do that in a way that recognizes that approaches that work for one person may not for another. A lot of people just don’t have the time to go to the gym – or may not have a decent facility near them. Moreover, a lot of people – this author included – purchased some at-home equipment during covid that has been gathering dust since their health club reopened.

After a day full of … everything, it can be impossible to find the motivation to take care of yourself. That’s why we built Allwell, where technology and community focus to get

you what you truly want: health and happiness. And for many of you, a perfect 30 minute workout to get the blood flowing and heart rate up is the perfect elixir. Here it is, with the technique of each exercise either pictured or wonderfully illustrated by our team. 

We’re going to touch on home workouts for the entire body – head to toe – EXCEPT for abs, which are tackled in Part 2 here. Our Team Members and Customers are constantly hitting us up with “how do we get a six pack” – or anything close. There’s a reason that at least 50% of all fitness magazines contain “get the abs of your dreams” or some similar come-on: they sell. Truth be told, great abs are hard to come by – but can be done. Coming soon will be a 30 minute workout dedicated specifically to your core! For now, everything else!  

Starting with stretching – here, we took you step-by-step through technique to loosen up your whole body.

Then, do 5-7 minutes of high intensity cardio to get the blood flowing and activate your brain endorphins. The type of cardio is up to you – if you have a stationary bike or treadmill at home, great. If not, old school jumping jacks are wonderful starters! Do 1 set of 150, then another set of 100 in rapid succession.

Next, find a sturdy chair and do 3 sets of arm dips. These target the muscles on the back of your upper arms (your triceps) as well as shoulders. 

Do 1 set of 30, then 20, then 15 – note that all denominations are recommendations, and you should do what you’re capable of, in correct form!

Next we’re going to target your back. You don’t need a gym, but you will need barbells or weights. To substitute face pulls and pullups at home, if you don’t have a pullup bar, you can use resistance bands to train the same muscle group. Resistance bands do come in a variety of tensions so you can increase as you get stronger and can be purchased at Walmart or Amazon. 

Pull-ups: Try 3 sets of 10 reps each

Face Pulls: 4 sets of 15 reps each

Barbell Rows: 3 sets of 12 reps each

Single Arm Row: 4 sets of 10 reps each

Moving down to your legs, squats are a highly effective way to tone your thighs and glutes (i.e. your butt). Weights are ideal, but a positive impact is still felt without them.

A simple technique guide:

* Make sure your feet are slightly wider than your shoulders

* Make sure you don’t round your back (similar to a turtle shell) as this will put unnecessary strain on your back and thus, more harm than good 

* Once you unlock your hips and begin to squat, make sure you keep chest and shoulders upright while your back is as straight as possible.

* Squat as deep as your mobility and flexibility will allow.

For squats, try 3 sets of 70, 60, then 50. 

There are variations to the squat, including the “Squat to Curtsey Lunge”, “Jump Squat” and “Side Step to Squat.” These are all described in detail – with video – on the Allwell app. 

Another great leg exercise – that also increases flexibility – is the Side Lying Leg Raise. The technique:

* Lie on one side with legs stacked on top of each other. Slightly bend your bottom leg

* Lift your top leg toward the ceiling in a slow and controlling motion. Make sure to lift from your hip and butt, not your lower back.

* Returning to starting position constitutes a rep.

Try sets of 50, 40, then 30 Side Lying Leg Raises.

Finally, we can’t forget the calves – the anchor of strength for our bodies! Single-leg Calf Raises isolate those muscles beautifully.  Here’s how:

* Stand with your feet hip-width apart

* Raise your knee to hip level, with toes pointed, hands on hips. 

* Keep your core tight as you lift your right heel as far as you can off the floor, balancing on the ball of your other foot.

* Hold for 3-5 seconds, then lower back down for 1 rep.

Try 3 sets of 20 Single-leg Calf Raises 

– Johnny Premier, COO of Allwell