Recently, we posted a blog where we discussed how to approach a potential new Team Member. In order to best guide people through this process, we reached out to Allwell’s VP of Sales, Christina Perry. Christina has been a full-time entrepreneur for over 20 years, a majority of which has been in the health & wellness industry.

In this interview, we discussed:

How the referral process works

Some examples of great ways to get friends & co-workers on board

For those comfortable approaching people they’ve just met about the Allwell opportunity, some tips on doing so (Christina explained the F.O.R.M. approach) 

Ways you can explain how the Allwell product has helped your overall fitness and, in turn, can help others

In part two of our discussion with Christina, we delve into common questions that people will have about Allwell. It’s always great to be prepared with answers. When you feel knowledgeable, it shows and, in turn, makes the potential Team Member more confident about the viability of the money-making aspect of Allwell. That said, we don’t recommend memorizing these word-for-word. Ultimately, as long as you have a handle on the fundamental concepts, you’ll be able to address people’s concerns. And we’re here to help every step of the way!

First, as explained in Part 1, when you refer someone to Allwell, the site will immediately ask the person to enter the 5 digit ID of their referrer. It’s a good idea to text or email this, along with the website address, to the new team member. They’ll see 2 options to sign up: Team Member and Affiliate, which is no cost. So that begs the question, why become a Team Member?

Christina emphasizes that “as a paid Team Member, you are eligible for FULL access to the Allwell app. You also have your own website where you can direct people to sign up for our service to join the team which gives you the ability to earn in all of our commission structure.  The commission structure includes direct referral bonus, team builder bonus, and the qualified team builder bonus, as well as the my team bonus (10% lesser team in binary), personal matching bonus of 25%, and the company revenue share rewards.” 

Of course, a common follow up question people will ask is how – in actuality – do I get paid? To qualify as a team member, you need 2 referrals, one on both your right & left leg. Make sure that your banking information is correct regarding your financial institution’s name, routing and account numbers. Then, you’ll receive payment via direct deposit, either weekly or bi-weekly, depending on the bonus you’ve qualified for. There are 5 bonuses, explained on the video we’ve prepared which details our Compensation Plan – click here to check it out (LINK PLEASE ONCE Allwell VIDEO DONE)

Another concern people might have is, does becoming a Team Member require a contractual commitment? It does not. Billing is month-by-month. Team members can cancel anytime and still have Allwell access through the billing date that month. A suggestion from Christina on this subject is that “questions should be asked first if possible. Why do you feel the app isn’t working for you? Listen to the answer and show them the many benefits. Bottom line, the answer is probably because they aren’t using it or never taking the time to learn how to use it.”

As far as the Allwell app itself, a key thing to emphasize is how it is all-encompassing for your wellness needs. This distinguishes Allwell from apps which focus on just bits & pieces of the process. Allwell has workouts, both video workouts and step-by-step written & picture form. We all learn and process differently so it is important to have these options. There’s also yoga instruction as well as a diverse library of mindfulness & meditation exercises. Finally, if the app user is working with a personal trainer, they can see the progress you’re making in both exercise (the app monitors your steps) and nutrition by inputting your food intake. Adjustments can be made to your workout & diet to optimize your results!

If there’s any question that comes up which isn’t covered here, and you need help with, we at Allwell are committed to guiding you through the process. At the bottom left of the website, there’s a “Contact Us” Live Chat box. You can also email us at

– Johnny Premier, COO of Allwell