Many of us ideally would love to eat healthy.  However, oftentimes when we start a diet, the first few days are often met with feeling terrible and having a bunch of cravings.  Because of this, most diets are over before they even really begin.  If all of these clean eaters claim to feel so much better, then how come starting a healthier eating journey is often met with feeling terrible?

The answer is simple: your body is adjusting to the change in nutrition. Those with high caffeine intake and high-sugar diets report having the hardest time adjusting.  In cases like these, it would be important to not go “cold turkey” and slowly transition into a healthier diet. 

But what is on the other side of this short-term discomfort? If we can get past our body’s cravings for fat and sugar, what benefits will be seen once we start eating healthier? 

Better Concentration

Even in the first few days once your blood sugar stabilizes and adjusts to your new diet, many people tend to feel less hungry and report increased concentration and energy.  This helps with both the work day and having enough energy for workouts! 

Better Sleep

Poor diet interferes with getting restful sleep more than you may think. Getting more restful sleep in turn gives you more energy, better mood, and even has effects on other things such as your skin’s complexion! 

Decrease in Cravings

Of course, cravings never completely go away.  But after a few weeks of weaning your body away from those unhealthy foods you used to indulge in too often, you’ll find your body adjusting to life without them and you will eventually see a decrease in cravings.

Strengthened Immune System

Less processed, more nutritionally dense foods provide more vitamins and minerals that your body needs to stay healthy. This boosts immune function making you less likely to get sick, lowering risk for chronic disease, and extending your life expectancy. 

Improved Overall Weight

Starting a mission to eat healthier is not always motivated by weight loss.  However, this tends to be the most popular reason why people choose to start eating healthier.  Having a balanced, healthy diet not only leads to weight loss but also contributes to lifelong habits that will keep the pounds off after they’re gone. 

So if you’re currently struggling with the motivation to start your healthy eating journey or if you’ve started and failed too many times to count, hopefully the above benefits give you the motivation to power through the initial discomfort and press forward to a healthier you!