For the last 10 months, each blog we’ve posted has been about your overall wellness and various offshoots of that – be it exercise, nutrition, or mental health. However, we’ve received inquiries from many of you who love the all-in-one nature of the app and are interested in income opportunities promoting the product. 

Many of you, we’ve talked to individually about your concerns. The recurring theme we hear is, YES, we’d love to make extra money, but what are some approaches to get our friends and co-workers on board? And what are some of the best ways to best articulate how the Allwell product has helped you, and in turn, can help others? A lot of questions have come up often, so we reached out to Allwell’s VP of Sales, Christina Perry, for some answers. Christina has been a full-time entrepreneur for over 20 years, a majority of which has been in the health & wellness industry. This is the first of a 2-part interview.

I first asked Christina what would be the best way for someone to summarize, in one sentence, what the benefits of being an Allwell Team Member are. She replied “I became a Allwell team member because I have never found a Mobile app that has everything needed for my wellbeing such as workouts, VOD, meditation, yoga, nutrition as well as a supported community all in one place AND when I share the app with others, I can earn an extra income!”

If you were to find someone interested in joining Allwell, Christina recommends texting them a direct link to and your Team Member number. This is a 5 digit number starting with 1, which was emailed to you when you first joined. The person you are referring to would be first asked, before they even enter their OWN information, the number of the person referring them. That automatically tracks the transaction and ensures that you – the referrer – gets credit. It really is that simple!

Finally, what if someone is a REALLY ambitious Team Member and is willing to pitch the Allwell opportunity to someone they met that day. Would your approach be any different? Christina suggests to NOT be aggressive with someone you first meet: “You have to connect with them, you don’t want to propose on the first date.” Excellent point! 

Christina goes on to share her FORM theory, which stands for “Family, Occupation, Recreation & Marriage.” This is an effective way to build a conversation with someone and learn about their specific wants and needs. From what you learn, you can tailor your conversation & approach.

Check out Part 2 of our interview with Christina Perry, where we encounter frequent questions that potentially-interested Team Members regularly ask, and the best way to address them.

– Johnny Premier, COO of Allwell