You may have seen us promoting the unique all-in-one aspect of Allwell elsewhere on the website. The big picture is we are providing you real solutions to mindfulness, physical fitness, nutrition, yoga and a support community. The smaller picture is some of the “hidden gems” in the app that will assist your wellness goals in more subtle, but important ways. Here are a few, as you get acclimated with the power of an Allwell membership:

Sleep has been the topic of a separate previous blog I wrote, click here to check it out. Obviously, my friends & family know I work in the wellness industry. When we discuss wellness issues that they’d like to improve, a deeper, more regular sleep is a common topic. In many cases, they want to achieve this without the aid of pharmaceuticals. Anyhow, I went into detail on tips and various app functions that helped me.

30 Meditation Options! 

Also on the Mindfulness tab of Allwell, were you aware that there are different Meditation/Yoga  techniques depending on the situation you’re facing? If you have anxiety, need better focus, or have performance issues – even if you need to tap into the creative part of your brain – there are different programs on the app for that. A total of 30 “situational meditations” in all.  

Workout the Right Way

I wrote a blog here that discusses good techniques on specific weight-oriented workouts. That said, there are over 1,000 videos on-demand that deal with the proper way to do conventional weight training – i.e., free weights, nautilus machines and cardio. As an example, the most popular machine in a gym is typically the Elliptical – we show you ways to get the best out of your Elliptical workouts, literally backwards & forwards! 

In addition, the Allwell videos demonstrate alternative means of training.  For instance, there are videos that take you through “no equipment necessary” workouts. There are several examples of High Interval Intensive Training, known as HIIT – a popular training method for people that are short on time and enjoy high intensity. If you’ve thought about Pilates, TaeBo or Cardio Kickboxing, we’ll show you how to do it right. Heck, we did a blog all about “The Power of the Medicine Ball” – an underutilized, but effective training tool that you can use at home.

The bottom line is whether you’re a runner/treadmill user, a cyclist, a rower, or like unconventional workouts, there’s so many nuances that you can tweak in order to get optimal results. That’s one of many areas that Allwell can help, and why this app is an indispensable resource to improve your quality of life!

– Johnny Premier, COO of Allwell