It happens to the best of us.  As much as we value our health and wellness, sometimes life gets in the way and we put them on the back burner.  The good news, it’s always a good time to rediscover an active lifestyle! However, sometimes getting back into the groove of things can be a bit daunting.

Whether you’ve taken a few months off for personal reasons or the last time you did any physical activity was running the mile in gym class, My Total Wellness offers a wide array of workout specifically for those at the beginning stages. 

The best way to find workouts specifically at a beginner level is from the home page, select the “Workouts” icon.  Along the top underneath the search bar, there are a few bubbles. Click the one that says “All levels”.  Here, you can indicate “Novice” and/or “Beginner” and click “Show results”.  This will take you directly to workouts specifically designed for those who are just getting back into things.

Another question is “gym or no gym.” Some people find the atmosphere – and frankly, the people – in a gym to be intimidating, and feel subconsciously like they’re being judged. Others feel like the only way they can fully concentrate on a workout, and “switch gears” to exercise mode, is to actually get OUT into a real gym. Figure out what’s best for you. As a pro tip, if you’re undecided, check out several gyms in your area – some specifically market to “beginners” and focus on newbie-friendly layouts & staff.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they first begin working out is doing too much too soon.  Sometimes our expectations for ourselves are too high, other times we just don’t have the patience and immediately want to bang out an hour long workout.  The reality of the situation is that it takes time to get your body back into workout mode.  In this case, slow and steady truly does win the race.

Doing too much too quickly can lead to burnout and injury, ultimately halting your wellness journey.  Here at, wellness is a lifestyle.  Jumping in and out of workouts every few months to only quit doesn’t do much for your body and will also take a mental toll.  Consistent exercise implemented into your life is where you will truly start to see a change.  And to achieve this, starting small is the name of the game.  

Of course, if you start at the novice level and it’s a piece of cake, you can move up to beginner or even intermediate.  Just be aware of how your body feels.  Of course any good workout is met with a certain level of soreness and fatigue afterwards but if you are absolutely wiped and need several days to recover, it may be a sign that you’re doing too much and may need to scale things back.

As long as you start at a realistic level and gradually up the ante on your workouts, you’ll be working out at an advanced level before you know it.  Nobody picks up a dumbbell or starts circuit training and is immediately a pro.  Give yourself the benefit of starting basic and working your way up to a more intense level.  Your body will thank you and the chances of you sticking to your workout regimen is significantly more likely.