A “not so secret” reality of working in the fitness industry is that very few of us make the right choices regarding our wellness 100% of the time. I try to do the right thing, but like most people, I make imperfect choices. Whether it’s exercise habits, diet, stretching routine, or even doing the right thing for my mental health – there’s always room for improvement. Yes, I’ve even skipped “Leg Day!”  

The Allwell.io app is loaded with a LOT of features. I’m not saying that to promote the product, it’s just a factual statement that anyone familiar with the product will learn quickly. I’m definitely familiar with all of the features, as it’s part of my job as COO of the company. However, I don’t use them all regularly. It would be impossible to. 

All of that is a precursor to the following:

I’ve always known in the back of my mind that my preparation for sleep was poor. There are studies that show a strong correlation between sleep preparation and the actual quality of one’s sleep, which are detailed in this Mayo Clinic article1

Often I would fall asleep either working on a laptop, watching TV, or looking at my phone. Not a great sleep routine, I have come to realize.

Anyway – I can’t put a finger on the “ah-ha” moment but about 2 weeks ago, I decided to do something about this bad habit and use the Allwell app for an assist. I was going to completely unplug – no phone, TV, or laptop, only the different options on the Mindfulness tab of Allwell.

These were my 3 favorites:

Deep Sleep. This is more interactive than just music. Without giving away too much, the narrator takes you through steps to mentally unwind. He talks a lot, but it’s enjoyable as his voice is….just….sooooo….soothing! I mean – you could listen to this for a week straight and not be able to remember a thing he said – but of course, that’s OK.

Softly Back To Sleep. The topic alone – my first thought was I need this. Getting 

back to sleep for a lot of us is SO hard, especially knowing there’s an alarm clock ready to go off around the corner. I’ve used this recording 3 times so far. Each time, it has worked like a charm!

Under the “Sounds” tabs, there are 10 different options, including Underwater, Washing Machine, Heart Beat & Ventilator. There are two that I gravitate towards:

White Noise – just what you’d think it is, extremely effective for mentally “switching gears.” 

Campfire. Fire crackles, bird chirps, owl noises, crickets and all. Done as a very subtle mix of sounds. Just lovely to get you ready for a deep sleep!

Here’s to the improved sleep of our Allwell Team Members & Customers! And feel free to let us know in the “Community” tab if any of these features helped you, or there are others you’d like to recommend!

– Johnny Premier, COO of Allwell


1 The Mayo Clinic. “Sleep Tips: 6 Ways to a Better Sleep” – https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/adult-health/in-depth/sleep/art-20048379#:~:text=Stick%20to%20a%20sleep%20schedule&text=Go%20to%20bed%20and%20get,or%20listen%20to%20soothing%20music.